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Down payment
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PMI / year
Property Taxes / year
Home Insurance / year
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To monthly mortgage payment
Extra yearly mortgage payment
Occurring every
One-time mortgage payment
Monthly Principal & Interest $1,461.42
Monthly Extra Payment $0.00
PMI (till Sep 2022) $156.77
Property Taxes $364.58
Home Insurance $102.08
HOA Fees $0.00
Estimated monthly payment $2,084.86
Down payment $49,000.00
Extra payments $0.00
Total principal paid $301,000.00
Total interest paid $225,111.23
PMI, Taxes, Insurance & HOA $175,211.42
Total of all payments $750,322.65
Start Date
Estimated Payoff Date

Amortization Schedule

Payment Date Payment Principal Interest Total Interest Balance

Illinois Mortgage Rates

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Illinois Mortgage Rate Trends Over Time

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Illinois Mortgage Calculator Terms

Home Price

The price of a house in Illinois.

Down payment

An initial, partial payment on a purchase. In the US down payment varies between 4% and 20% of the price

Mortgage term

The longer the mortgage term, the smaller the monthly repayments. Choose from 30-year fixed or 15-year fixed.

Interest Rate

The actual interest rate in Illinois will vary based on credit score, mortgage term, and down payment.

Mortgage Start Date

The date when the mortgage payments will start.

Extra payments

This Illinois mortgage repayment calculator allows you to estimate your monthly payment when making one-time extra payment or regular monthly mortgage payment.

How to use Illinois Mortgage Calculator?

This free Illinois Loan Calculator will help you estimate your monthly mortgage payment and see exactly where the money goes - to pay off the body of debt or to repay interest. It also calculates PITI amount (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance) and total HOA fees during the whole amortization period.

Illinois Mortgage calculator is a great assistant when choosing a house, it will help to calculate exactly which house you can afford. You can save thousands in interest over the life of the loan by simply decreasing the interest rate or increasing your down payment.

This Illinois mortgage calculator with taxes allows you to see how much money you can save using extra payments. Even a small additional payment can significantly reduce the term of the mortgage. Use this home loan calculator to see different mortgage scenarios, try with mortgage terms 15 years vs 30 years, or even consider different types of mortgage - biweekly mortgage schedule or even interest only mortgage.

Please note that the real mortgage rates in Illinois may differ from the rates used in the calculator as default values.

This mortgage calculator has only been designed to give a useful general indication of costs. It's important you always get a specific quote from the lender and double-check the price yourself before acting on the information.